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"This is a Great Kasho set"

Ok, so whats in the box. Well it consists of a limited edition Millennium and limited edition Captain razor with wooden handle and 20 blades, worth

£1160 but available now for £695.


Thats nearly a saving of £500. can this be?

It's one Hell of a saving on Kasho's Most Loved Shear.

"So why have they done it"?, honestly I don't know.

Maybe its the effects Covid19 has had on sales, or maybe its just a statement from Kasho.

Either way one thing is for sure, its unlikely you will see an offer like this come out from a company so well established as Kasho again.

My advice is "DON'T MISS OUT" I purchased the Millennium scissor by its self 6 months ago for £1074 (second from left)


and the Razor which cost me £150. I have owned that bad boy since early 2019 (far right)

What have i got to say about them? Well i "LOVE THEM". I just wish i had got them at this incredible price.

simply put this is the time to buy.

A bit about the Millennium Series 

Millennium using the latest sintering technology. "Whats that you might ask",  allow me explain in simple terms, it is where powdered steel is fused under  pressure, which gives exceptional sharpness to the scissor.

The end result is metal that is unmatched. It actually is pressed into its form when forged, because the Millennium cannot be machined. This process results in a shear thats metal is strong durable and  resistant to abrasion.

Its Closed Disc Operation System, which guarantees that no hair or dust gets caught in the screw means no need to adjust the tension. The ergonomic finger rest feels intuitive and natural. With mirror polishing, each blade appears as flawless as it is strong. In short, this is a precision tool.

The limited edition Captain folding razor with wooden handle and matt metal finish is a professional precision instruments suitable for both shaving and hair dressing. Perfectly balanced it sits in your hand, giving you total control. It is the ultimate tool of perfection. Thanks to the special dispenser system the blades can be safely and quickly inserted in the razor holder.



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