Diamond Clipper Blade (KM1854-7022)

Diamond Clipper Blade (KM1854-7022)

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The Diamond Blade delivers unrivalled cutting performance. The innovative carbon coating covering the stainless steel contains diamond-like properties so strong this blade is 40 times more durable than the standard 5 in 1 blade.

Engineered and manufactured in Germany it features all the benefits of the standard blade, including five cutting lengths (0.7 to 3mm), it requires no tensioning and is easy to clean.

Compatible with:
Li Pro (WM8884)
Academy Motion (WM8885)
Chromstyle (WM8871)
Beretto (8843)
Bellina (WM8870)
Genio Pro (WM88740)
Chrom2Style (WM8877)
Arco (WM6854)
Bravura (WM6870)

Cutting length: 0.7- 3mm
Blade width: 46mm