KASHO GREEN (Series) Texturizer

KASHO GREEN (Series) Texturizer

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My Green scissors are modern classics. Their contours are instantly recognisable because even the smallest feature is immaculately honed.

 Thoughtful design exemplifies Green Series texturizers. The lower blade displays the softest of convex curves. The upper teeth are finely notched, and tapered towards the edge. As a result, hair is held in place, and cuts are smooth and tangle-free.

The screw system is typical of KASHO’s blend of precision engineering, and inspired artistry. Thanks to its integral ball bearing, tension can be adjusted with a turn of the dial. Gently ridged round its rim, the dial itself is tactile, friendly and inviting to the touch.  

Forged by expert smiths using high-quality steel, the blades are quenched in freezing water before hand finishing. With mirror polishing, the steel takes on a radiant brilliance. 

KASHO Texturizers are not just a tool for thinning clients’ hair, they are a supreme tool allowing your creativity to flow, from creating texture and volume to blending hair with no trace of a thinning scissor, leaving the hair perfectly blended. 

The innovative curved cutting blade gives precise texturizing. It also features more tapered teeth that
prevent snagging or pulling when the blade is removed from the hair, giving both you and your client a pleasant experience.

The choice of the texturizer you use depends on what the final result needs to be. Whether it’s chunking, texturising, thinning or blending will be led by the number of teeth on the tool to achieve the perfect tangle-free and effortless finish.


Screw system: Tension adjustable screw and an integrated ball bearing.