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Sagano impresses, time after time. The beautifully inlaid flat screw is a centrepiece that hints at Sagano’s silky cutting motion. Scissors that perform this well deserve to stand out.

When your eyes linger over the  Sagano Series, it’s easy to understand why the range has become so popular, so quickly, and now with the NEW Sagano Black DLC (Diamond Like Carbon coating), it got even better. 

With the unique DLC protective coating comes an even smoother cutting experience. The intricate process of the applying the DLC is done by hand over an extended period of time with extreme skill and precision. The DLC makes the scissor even harder wearing as well as completely non porous, which means that no bacteria can enter the blades. 

The KASHO Ultimate Edge of the finely honed blades. And the ergonomic shaping with the camel back and offset handle, for effortless performance.

Sagano stands out, too. The curved finger rest is forged in the traditional manner, to add graceful appeal. Sagano shares the Damascus ball bearing system integrated with Flat Screw Technology, tastefully inlaid with green ceramic, ensuring each cutting pass is smooth. Sagano offers effortless power with stylish distinction.


Screw system: Adjustable flat head screw with ceramic inlay and ball bearing.