KASHO SILVER BLACK 5.5" X Display demo Scissors

KASHO SILVER BLACK 5.5" X Display demo Scissors

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They say appearance is skin deep, but the glossy skin of Silver Black makes all the difference. This is the Silver, utterly transformed, honed, and improved until its performance is unparalleled.

While the Silver is adored, some say its sister series, Silver Black, shines brighter. This, and the Silver, are the most ergonomic of the KASHO range.

Silver Black shares all of Silver’s strengths — including the superb tension-adjustable ratchet flat screw system, Ultimate Edge sharpness, camel back and removable finger rest.

Hand-finished, each Silver Black scissor exudes a cool obsidian sheen, thanks to KASHO’s new Diamond-Like Carbon coating. A skin so strong, it protects the blades like nothing else.

Silver Black’s hand-finished aesthetic is subtle, with utmost economy of form. It has an unobtrusive beauty. To the Japanese, it is shibui — an object of intrinsic quality, refined into a state of near-perfection.